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Prickly Pear Vodka.
Prikly Pear Vodka My Friends. With so many tour’s beneath me I have had the chance to travel a lot and find some great thing’s. This by far is one of the best hidden gem’s in the United States. This vodka is distilled at very high altitudes and therefore it…………………………………well screw it watch the video for yourself:

So yeah, what he said. Regardless this is by far my favorite vodka out right now. Only problem is unless you live in Arizona or New Mexico you will be hard pressed to find it. This vodka comes from a cactus and tastes sweet and flowery. It is VERY smooth, and therefore you can sip it on the rocks.  I personally add a little orange juice to it. Remind me next time to not tell the distiller himself. He was not pleased. HEHE. Happy searching.


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  1. zOnk.oNe April 23rd, 2009 9:39 am

    Don’t forget to bring me some :)

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