Digital Cocaine…(The Safer Way To Play)…

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For all you iPhone junkies out there: Here’s a new app that will help you get through your work week, without the usual negative affects of doing coke at work.

By the time the weekend rolls by, you’ll have rolled through the motions so many times digitally, you’ll be able to chalk up lines with your eyes closed! Warning: real cocaine may have considerably worse affects on one’s daily life.

By request: If you’re lookin to get this for your phone: CLICK
*A word of WARNING (via eMail): iSnort is a bootleg iPhone app that makes it appear as though you’re cutting up coke and snorting it. Unfortunately, it’s not even a real app. It’s just a video that you have to choreograph your movements to (the iPhone’s touchscreen doesn’t respond to heavily abused credit cards or rolled up bills). That said, you can pick it up for £5 at their website. Or, put that money towards some real nose candy. Yeah, I’m talking that good shit.


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  1. maco October 12th, 2009 8:47 am

    i snorted coke (coca cola) and it stung like fuck :)

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