Don’t You Hate That Stupid Cat Image Trend?…

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Have you noticed how bad it’s gotten? I mean, you can go to any site and search for cat, and blam!…there’s a ‘silly’ cat doing something lame with an unfunny quote or word MSPainted in. Well, this site was made to make people happy, and although these cat images don’t make me very happy, the evidence shows that lame cat images will make other people happy, inspire blog comments, drive up site traffic, and all-in-all make this site the internet sensation that it was always meant to be. So here you go:
Kitten drinking guinness, funny cat, funny kitten, funny guinness, funny beer cat, funny beer kitten
Another St. Patty’s Day themed post fer ya.


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  1. SevenhertZ March 18th, 2009 2:49 pm

    fucking nice

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