Hey Dumbshit, That’s Not A Beer Bottle…

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Yes…we’ve all either tried it, or watch our friends try it. I’ve gotta admit though…I’ve never seen anyone dumb enough to use a friggin wine bottle:

Two stories come to mind….first: San Diego, many moons ago. My buddy D-real tries to break a beer bottle over my head, but hits me with the bottom of the bottle. Yep, that thick shit, and my head just split open. Instead of stitches, I put on my hat and let it bleed.
Story #2: Another buddy George was kind of obsessed with achieving the status that comes along with being able to break a bottle over ones head (yes, that’s sarcasm you’re sensing). But for real, he used to try to bust this shit kinda a lot. One time, he went so far as to but his hand in near-boiling water to get hyped up to do it. He succeeded and managed to spray busted glass all over another friends front room.

Ah…good times.


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