How Does Bruce Lee Light A Match?…

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Have you always wondered how an international superstar kung-fu master lights a match? I have too. Now here’s our answer:

Once again, this is one of those videos that’s got a lot of ‘buzz’ surrounding with different theories about whether this is, or isn’t Bruce Lee. From where I’m sittin, I don’t care, the shit is dope. And, if this isn’t him, I’m sure that if Mr. Lee wanted to, he coulda done this trick. So it’s a win win. So get your old nunchucks out and get to practicing. Next time I ask for a light, I expect it to be fancy.


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  1. SevenhertZ May 25th, 2009 7:42 pm

    dude, people? wtf….this is the dopest shit ever. You fuckers try to do better than trendy ink….

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