Is Your Child A Tagger?…

Submitted by: Buttox

Here you go folks…this simple little diagram illustrates how you can pick up on whether or not your kid is a tagger…
Is Your Child A Tagger?
This is some corny shit…hehehe. I guess these were made by some county’s anti-graffiti unit and then sent to a bunch of them. What’s kind of sad is that if any of these things listed are ‘eye openers’ to any parent, it’s pretty blatant proof that that parent isn’t paying too much attention to their offspring. Oh yeah…and baggy clothes. Everyone knows that is the sure sign of delinquency. Back in the 90′s, the cops and a bunch of hysterical (Mission Viejo) parents were convinced that MRK members wore green clothing. Hehehe…green. Better throw all your kids green shit away or he/she might just be writing for the local branch of Mark’n Run. I bet those same parents wish they would’ve had this handy image to learn from too. Then shit woulda been different…


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