South Orange County Music & Art Show (Featuring zOnk & Tim B)…

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Rock and Soul meets reggae - art show
Hey, for anyone that’ll be in the Orange County area July 3rd, you should check this out. There’s a couple of bands playin and art from a handful of artists. So you can drink your favorite alcoholic beverage, listen to some tunes from Jah Mex (reggae) & Sangre Sangre (rock/soul), and check out art from these artists: Dave Berutich, Brandon Alder, Sli Dawg, Dan Stafford, zOnk.oNe, Ryan Weaver, Case De Beer, Aaron Carretti, Tim B, Ollie Nguyen, Ken Warren, David Head, and more. This shindig is happnin at the OC Tavern in San Clemente and doors open at 8pm. Get to your nearest Laguna Surf & Sport (949-360-6495) to pick up your $10 presale tickets!

Word up, see you there! Oh, and help spread the word. Send emails, share this link on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Big Thanks!


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