Zire And Zonk Collaboration Painting 2009…

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Zire And Zonk - ZIE And Hoodie Character (Graffiti) 2009
Here’s a pic of what Zire (Berd) and I (zOnk) painted about a month ago. We haven’t painted together inna long damn time, so this was the first collaboration since we painted the Pony warehouse in San Diego last year. Anyway, this is actually the second time I’ve painted this character. For anyone that knew Trout (Troy) in Chico, I painted this character in his room way back in the day. You might recognize it because of that. Actually, I’ve wanted to repaint it since because I didn’t think I really did the sketch justice back then. You can compare the two and judge for yourself 😀
zOnk.oNe - Trout 1990's Room Painting


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