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Well here we are again, day 2. I have to admit this blogging thing can be addictive. All day at work I thought about what I wanted to post and the information I wanted to share to the world. I’m glad I got my first post out of the way. To some you might be confused on it. But for others that know me it is just another day in the life of.

So about this video. These guys, “C2C”, are a group of turntablists from France that are being mentioned in the same sentence as the great Skratch Picklz, Dj Craze, and A-Trak. They came into the DMC world and made a clean sweep for 4 straight years. (03-06) Now for most of yall your like me and you watch DMC video’s and it all kinda sounds the same. But these guys took it to a level where they all play an instrument with their respective tables. You can search them out on youtube to find the other years they won, but this hands down is my favorite. ENJOY…..


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