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Ol Dirty Bastard - Dirty One Word Can Change The WorldAttention Slackers..
Here is some info on the Ol’ Dirty documentary that I mentioned in an article earlier. The date for the official release is November 10th, 2009. I was browsing around the web and found it on Amazon.com for around ten dollars… Check out the trailer below.This Dvd looks like it will be really interesting to check out. Even thou his lyrics would not suggest it, from interviews I have already seen with his mother, she says that Mr. Russell Jones, or “Rusty” as she calls him, is one of the sweetest men to roam the planet. Ol dirty bastard sketchThere is a part in the trailer where a little girl is praising Ol’ Dirty for being the only one in the neighborhood that actually helped her out when she got hit by a car. It looks like it touches on all aspects of his life… a must have for any ODB fan.His birthday and day of passing are both coming soon In November. Respect.


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