With This Guide, You Can Be A Hip-Hop Badass!…

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Ok…don’t front, you wanna be hip-hop. Don’t worry, we all do. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to go by the name of ‘Speed Break’, wear a headband, roll one pant-leg up and still be cool? Lucky for ya’ll, I found this handy guide to help you blaze your way straight into the B-Boy hall of fame. Peep game sucka:
Learn To Break Dance...simple
Yep, that’s right, the step by step, and how to’s, make it all easy. Hehehe…I especially love the ‘Breakdance Language’ section with gems like: ‘Tags’ Nick names. When a breaker has a special name he says to the world, ‘I’m a Dancer!’ and ‘Wack or Wacked’ That’s you if you don’t do your moves correctly.

Word. Enjoy, then send me the video once you get your moves down.


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