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For all you folks out there that dig action flicks, full of juicey gore that will literally make your girlfriend turn away from the screen, you’ll be happy to know that District 9 will be coming to Bluray December 29th. This movie was a great action flick; giant bug aliens, explosions, crazy weapons, exploding bodies, and a heavy serving of that gore I mentioned earlier. The concept itself is redical as well. This is one of those movies you could watch and keep it on a purely superficial level to enjoy, or, notice how it has a lot of parallels with human history and current events. As usual, I’ll keep the actual breakdown of the movie out of this write-up. I watched this with almost no knowledge about it. I hadn’t seen a full preview, turning away each time one was put in front of me. I learned a long time ago that the less you know about a movie, the better it seems to be.
Do yourself a favor and peep this one. You’ll be glad you did…


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