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Recount Movie by HBO Films
I finally got a chance to watch this flick by the good people at HBO. I kept looking at it and skipping over it, and now that I’ve seen it, I’m not sure why that was. I guess anything that reminded me of the dipshit, guy in the White House at the time was worth not seeing. It’s easier to ignore the devil when you’re not watching movies about him, right?
So..the movie. It’s dope. It’s aggravating and pretty depressing as well though. I pay attention to politics to a point and even though that’s the case, I didn’t know the extremes that were gone to in order to keep votes uncounted and unrecounted. It’s so childish that this is the way that things went down. The movie takes an in depth look at the 200o elections and focuses on the craziness that surrounded the great state of Florida and its’ elections. Obviously with the lineup of actors this film has, you know that you’re gonna get some good entertainment by some great actors.
Basically, get your learn on and be entertained in the meantime. Watch something besides American Idol or reality TV and you might just experience that wonderful process called ‘learning’.

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