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The Black Balloon Movie Poster 2008
I’m writing about this movie called ‘The Black Balloon’ to help point more people toward this lesser known foreign film. Everyone knows about movies like ‘The Dark Knight’ (which was super dope, by the way), so I want to focus on more obscure films that don’t get a $12 million advertising budget.
This movie is definitely worth watching. This flick comes outta Australia and it makes a strong case for Australia’s movie industry. This is one of those movies that has a little bit of everything…from laughs to sorrow. I have to admit that there are some scenes that are pretty tough to watch, but they also help to create a very strong movie. It’s about a teenager that is learning to deal with his handicapped brother named Charlie, while also learning to deal with a new school, and, of course, a new love. The acting is great and all of the characters are well played and make for a convincing drama. This is a story that could be happening in any city, in any country. The fact that the story tackles ‘real life’ issues makes it something that I think anyone can relate to and be moved by.
If you’re into watching trailers (I don’t recommend them til after you’ve seen the movies) then you can check it out at the official website: HERE

Do yourself a favor and watch this. I think you’ll dig it like I did.


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