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Robot Chicken - Star Wars Episode IIThe first time I heard of Robot Chicken was from my neighbor. I pretty much only watch feature movies…plus skate, snowboard, breakdancing, graffiti & music videos. I also collect box set series of television shows that I think are dope, as to avoid commercials. With minimal exposure to advertising I had no idea the Robot Chicken Star War’s series existed until the underrated power of ‘word of mouth’ brought these gems to my attention. Robot Chicken airs on Comedy Central late night, on Adult Swim because of the vulgarity. My neighbor told me that Robot Chicken was funny as hell and that it contained skits that animated the toys from the 80’s that I played with as kid (Transformers, Voltron, GI Joe, to name a few), along with Television shows, cartoons, and even Nintendo & Sega Genesis video games from that era. After watching the first series I was hooked; I got the second and third series box sets right away. They have been out for a while, but the second Star Wars episode just came out. The material contained in these sets are extremely vulgar and adult type humor, probably not something to throw on while Grandma is visiting, although Grandpa will probably laugh his ass off if she is not looking. The Star Wars DVD contains all the Star Wars figures and spaceships that I played with as a kid. Funny man, Seth Rogan, is the director and he does a lot of dope frame by frame photography in the production of the Star Wars series. With scenes like two At- At’s doing it doggie style, most of the comedy is rude and crude (even thou I let my eleven year old twins watch all three of the regular Robot Chicken box sets and episode one and two of the Star Wars Series)… There were a few skits that I was hoping they would not make me explain what was going on cause they don’t really know what a dildo is yet. I would not recommend any body under the age of 12 viewing them. The Star Wars DVD’s are my favorite out of the Robot Chicken series. It had me laughing the entire time. If you love to laugh and are a fan of Star Wars, you should definitely check them out. Anybody who was a kid during the 80’s will love the regular Robot Chicken series. Robot Chicken - Star Wars Screenshot (at-at sex)They will bring you back and have you saying things like…”Oh man I used to have that Transformer!” There were a couple of toys in there that I totally forgot I had back in the day & made me wish that Ma Duke’s would of saved some of them. I like this series because as a kid I tried a couple of times to create skits with my toys with frame by frame photography, but got discouraged because it was so tedious. The production of some of the skits looks like it took forever to make, and seems as if they took thousands of snap shots to create.
Check em out. With the rainy season coming up this is definitely a good way to kill a few hours on a gloomy ass day. I recommend a nice spliff to go along with these. Look for a new strand called the “Gremlin” …good, good ism…
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  1. Stabby October 16th, 2009 2:54 am

    Favorite Show on T.V.!

  2. SevenhertZ October 16th, 2009 11:14 am

    they buy most of the characters online. FYI. Thanks for contributing homie.

  3. zOnk.oNe October 16th, 2009 4:01 pm

    The ultimate nostalgia show…

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