Bank Of America CEO Is Evil…

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These corporate nerds are retarded. They get bailout money and instead of spending it on what it was intended for, they use it to buy up smaller banks and build their empires. Why didn’t anyone write some clauses into these bailout contracts to prevent this kind of BS?

From some comments on the YouTube page:

NakedWombat666 writes: It’s amazing to me that working class people still fight against their own interests, for free, on behalf of the rich who would steal their life savings and screw them and their families in a second. Witness the recent tea parties – attended by working class folk who are getting their taxes LOWERED, all so b/millionaires could pay 3% less. Amazing! The best slave is a willing slave.

Belivit writes: I live in a rural area (transplant from the city) the kind of people sarah palin coined as “REAL” Americans. they are the poor who wave their republican flags “THE POOR HAVE TOO MUCH – THE RICH NOT ENOUGH!!” It boggles the mind. Jesus spoke volumes about the evil of the rich, yet these people, with a church on every corner – defend the big corporations and point an accusing finger at the destitute!


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