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Shockout Radio-Tune In To The Conscious Movement! Reggae Mix
This week I decided to showcase five of my favorite roots reggae entertainers in a mix called ‘Roots Masters’. These five are sure to bring a smile to your eardrums and keep your head noddin with a positive vibration. Expect to hear dope tracks from Clinton Fearon, Burning Spear, Culture, King Kong, and Claudius Linton. This one is a five megaton roots reggae bomb, ready to drop on your unsuspecting speakers.

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01-Intro-From The Book Ishmael
02-Clinton Fearon-Give And Take
03-King Kong-Jah Is My Best Friend
04-Culture-Iron Sharpen Iron
05-Burning Spear-Med We Dweet
06-Claudius Linton-Crying Time
07-Clinton Fearon-Rocky Road
08-King Kong-Ethiopia
09-Culture-Humble African
10-Burning Spear-We Feel It
11-Claudius Linton-Reduce The Arms Race
12-Clinton Fearon-Stop The Hate
13-King Kong-I Feel A Joy
14-Culture-Two Sevens Clash
15-Burning Spear-Zion I Awake (Original Mix)
16-Claudius Linton-Backra Massa
17-Clinton Fearon-Rise Up
18-King Kong-Earth Is The Lord
19-Culture-Trod On
20-Burning Spear-Come
21-Claudius Linton-Third World
22-Outro-Old Dudes From The Muppets (Mr. Waldorf & Statler)

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