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Luciano Attacked With Lead Pipe: Why?Well folks, for those of you that keep up to date on current events in the realm of reggae, you’ve most definitely heard the news about “Luciano aka ‘Jah Messenher’ Beaten With Lead Pipe”. And for those that haven’t heard, the story is being reported that Luciano was brutally attacked while at a gas station by an old associate that had beef with him for the past 10 years or so. I’ve seen this version reported over and over again from the big Jamaica and Reggae news outlets and each time, the attacker ‘Freckles’ is painted as a nuts dude that, for no rational reason, ups and hits Luci over the head with a lead pipe. Well, as usual, there’s another side to this story. One that isn’t showing favor to Luciano, whose obviously favored by the news outlets due to his great works as a singer and artist. I’m only reporting this other side, because, if true, I definitely feel for this poor Freckles dude, and am bummed at how Luciano has acted. Read the rest of this to get the story as reported by

Singer Luciano, AKA “Jah Messenger,” whose given name is Jepther McClymont, was beaten with a lead pipe on Friday, February 20th, and required 6 stitches in his face, after he was allegedly attacked by his sound engineer, “Freckles” Trench at a service station, on Constant Spring Road and Dunrobin Ave, in Kingston.

Freckles, who is a well known and respected writer, producer and sound engineer, for artists like Maxi Priest and Beenie Man, spoke exclusively to intrepid reporter, Brittany Somerset, about the alleged incident. According to Freckles, the beating was long overdue, in retaliation for Luciano dispatching his boys to cut chop up Freckles’ back and his thumb over a disagreement about money.

The quarrel between Luciano and Freckles started back in September of 2008, when Luciano asked Freckles to come on tour with him in Australia, as his sound engineer. Luciano and his manager, Sean Folkes, agreed with Freckles in advance, on what his salary would be. During the middle of the tour, Luciano pulled Freckles aside, and told him in confidence, that there was a problem with money on the tour, and they were subsequently going to have to lower his salary. Freckles amicably agreed. Afterwards, Luciano’s manager asked Freckles what the conversation between the two was about, during which his manager revealed that there was in fact, no money shortage on the tour, and that, he should insist on receiving the original amount that was agreed to. Although Freckles agreed in principle, that Mr. Folkes’ point of view was correct, he already agreed with Luciano on the lower figure, and as it initially was only a small monetary difference in pay, he let it go. After Luciano and his manager discussed the situation, with Freckles present, Luciano changed his mind and said “his word was his bond,” and assured Freckles he would honor the original agreement, and pay him the proper amount that he was due when they returned to Jamaica.

When they returned to Jamaica, Freckles went to Lucie’s yard, to collect his salary. He kissed Lucie on both cheeks, a customary greeting, and placed his baby in the chair by Luciano’s feet. Lucie then instructed Freckles to see his wife, who would give him his pay. Feckles greeted Luciano’s wife, and put the money she handed him, into his pocket without counting it; assuming he could trust the honorable messenger of Jah. Luciano wife then remarked that she was surpired he pocketed the money without counting it, as it was short. She then referred him back to Luciano to discuss why. Luciano then cursed Freckles, remarking that Freckles and Luciano’s manager conspired against him, and that Freckles didn’t deserve the agreed-to amount, that engineers didn’t deserve that much money, etc. Without saying another word, Freckles, feeling demoralized, picked up his infant and he left.

On His Imperial Majesty Halie Selassi-I the First’s birthday, in June, Freckles said to Luciano, “Today, is his Imperial Majesty’s birthday. It is my new year. It is time to let old things go, and let bygones be bygones.” Luciano later called Freckles back, said he thought about the situation and had a change of heart. He asked that Freckles return to his yard, so they could break bread together. Freckles stopped by Luciano’s yard to make peace. As he was leaving Luciano’s yard, Luciano signalled his crew to jump Freckles and attack him from behind with machetes. They sliced up his back and chopped off his thumb. Freckles had plans to leave Jamaica and go abroad later that same day. His trip had to be postponed while his back was stitched up and his thumb was surgically re-attached. To this day he has permanent nerve damage in his thumb.

Several months later, Freckles was traveling on the road and happened to see Luciano at the service station. He approached Luciano and an argument quickly ensued. Freckles allegedly picked up a lead pipe and and hit Luciano over the head with it. As a result, “Jah’s Messenger” required the removal of two of his dreadlocks, so doctors could put six stitches in his head.

While the X-News reported (in what was obviously a thinly disguised editorial from Luciano’s point of view) that Freckles attacked Luciano from behind without provocation, the physical altercation actually stemmed from a prior vicious, bloody attack on Freckles, by Luciano’s camp. While the X-News also reported that Freckles came through Luciano’s yard unannounced, Freckles claims he was lured to Luciano’s yard, under the guise of Luciano wanting to make amends.

Meanwhile, the Editor from The Star, ran the headlining quote that read “Anger made me beat Luciano,” even though Freckles didn’t make that statement. When he called the editor of The Star, to complain that he was misrepresented and misquoted, the editor snapped, “It was just a headline meant to be sensationalized.” Freckles demanded a retraction, to which the editor of The Star wouldn’t oblige. The article also falsely asserted that Freckles said he had “more than 10 years of pent up frustration towards Luciano,” which caused him to attack him. “How can I have 10 years of pent up frustration towards Luciano for a situation that started less than one year ago? How can The Star not report that it was Luciano, who had me attacked first, from behind? How can they not report that I needed physical therapy to re-gain the use of my hand? This is not good for Rasta on a whole. All I wanted was justice.”


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  1. Joseph Nyaga March 31st, 2009 6:42 am

    jah messenger made a mistake

  2. Jah Device April 26th, 2010 6:40 pm

    I comment on this issue on a very sad note and total disappointment with the Messengers action if what i’ve just read is true. I am one of Luciano’s Fan and Disciple even though am a Christian.
    Where is the love, forgiveness, tolerance, and justice he’s always sang about.

  3. Fredrica March 2nd, 2011 1:46 am

    Make amends with your brother
    Dus is not da way true rasta do things,practice what u preech.

  4. ferguson September 27th, 2011 3:45 am

    Luciano be faithful, we still like you.

  5. remmy kopa January 28th, 2014 9:08 am

    am a huge fan of luciano.recently he toured zambia,my country.AM SO DISSAPOINTED REllY…WITH LUCIANO

  6. Me February 21st, 2015 7:08 pm

    This is beyond sad. I knew Freckles, he was a good friend, and father to his children. Shame on them. Now Freckles has gone missing…for years…interesting.

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