Reggae: The Itals – In A Dis Ya Time – 2008

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The Itals - In A Dis Ya Time - 2008
Well reggae people…this is one of those albums that you can put on and let play all the way through without needing to hit fast forward. That being said, I guess you realize that this one is recommended. If you’re a hardcore reggae nut, I’m sure you’ve amassed a huge Itals collection over the years and as this is a compilation (collecting the Itals’ recordings with producer Lloyd Campbell), these aren’t brand new tracks. For the rest of you, this release is a nice collection of some really inspiring roots reggae music by a group that, in my opinion, isn’t is as well known and respected as probably should be. The title track is such a strong jam and it’s one that I’ll be playing for many many years to come since it’s one that doesn’t seem to age. Do yourself a solid and check this album out. Support these artists that actually make music for music’s sake and not for the fame or fortune (cough…mainstream..cough..).
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Check out that dope title track:


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