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Mercedes TerrellWe here at TrendyInk decided that it’s time to query you visitors about how you feel about shit. So, I’ve installed a new feature that allows you, the visitor, to vote on different shiz. Our first poll asks you “Should We Add A New Category To The Site: Chicks?”
Currently, the site gets a decent amount of traffic each day and I’m guessing that is because the current content is well liked. I’m also guessing that a high percentage of viewers are dudes that like looking at hot girlies (like the pic on the right). So…take a couple of seconds and scroll down on the right side (under the navigation) and let us know what you think. *edit: I’m adding it here too due to a suggestion.
I know that most visitors to this site don’t like to leave comments, but this new feature doesn’t even require any kind of log-in or captcha to fill out. Simply click a button
and then submit.

Should We Add a 'Chicks' Category?

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