No, This Doesn’t Mean We Are Friends.

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What’s up world?

We at Trendyink are well on our way to becoming a full fledged/ legit online blog for the world to peep. We are always looking for new and better ways to serve our viewers. We thought long and hard and decided that…

“why don’t we let you have some creative input on what we do here.”

So with that in mind we decided to add a “contact us” slash “send us stuff” section. This way if you found something really dope or you want to bring something to our attention you have a way to do so. We are very excited about this considering as of now it is only Zonk 1 and I, for the most part, that comment on each others posts. So get out on the web find some dopeness and send it to us. If you want to get all personal and tender then send us an email. With all this access there are a couple guidelines :

1. No we are not suddenly “your friends”
2. No we will NOT kick you down any flow or groupies
3. We will not start a “blog gang” with you.
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4. We will show props where props are deserved.


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