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Nature - MountainsI’ve been meaning to post up about this program for quite a while, but kept putting it off. Which, sucks for you guys, since the program is dope and you could have been enjoying it for months already. So…shame on me. Anyway, for quite a while I used a program/site called Webshots to keep my computer desktop beautified. The program they offered lets you set up your desktop to automatically cycle through wallpapers at given times to keep things looking fresh. Their site used to be a lot more user friendly and their program didn’t used to bug you every 5 minutes about “upgrading to pro”. Once that shiz started happening, I decided it was time to move on and find another program to handle my wallpaper needs.
That brought me to a program called Bionix. It was cool for about 5 minutes, until it too decided to start bugging my about upgrading to pro…not to mention hijacking my browser any time my computer restarted and sending me to their website.
Finally, I ended up finding a program called “Wallpaper Master“. This shit is perfect. It is one of those programs that is super tiny, uses almost no computer resources, and does exactly what it’s supposed to without issue.
Basically, Wallpaper Master can look at a folder that you have and automatically cycle through the contents and set them as your wallpaper. I’ve got a ‘wallpaper’ folder that I put any kind of visual awesomeness into while Wallpaper Master watches it. My wallpaper is always something cool, and it’s always a surprise. I’m recommending this because it’s free, it’s tiny, and I love that my monitor always has something cool to look at on it (and it’s not the same thing for 6 months at a time). You can just throw images into a folder and let the software do the rest. The software is free and runs perfectly on XP. If you happen to be running Vista or Windows 7, then you’ve got to grab the ‘pro’ version and use that. I’m using the ‘pro’ version on my Vista machine and it works perfectly, and it only asks one time if you’d like to purchase it. After that, you can continue to use the pro version with some minor limitations.
Another cool thing that the Wallpaper Master site offers is a list of links to sites that offer high-resolution images to be used as wallpapers. I’ve gotten a ton of dope nature shots (macro photography, landscapes, bugs, etc.) from the first site on the list called Interface Lift. Lot’s of good stuff there.

If you’re using either of the other two software I mention, do yourself a favor and make the switch. If you don’t currently run a wallpaper manager…you be missing out foo.


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