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Hot Pocket CalzoneA dollar and Seventy Nine Cents…That is all it costs at the ‘Grocery Outlet’ right now to buy the best thing to come out of my toaster oven since I bought the damn thing, risking becoming a legendary icon at My past experiences with anything that has the name “Hot Pocket” vandalized across the face of it has been anything but exceptional. Usually the Hot pocket outer layer is barely penetrable by even the sharpest lateral incisors… with a nasty gooey blend of what tastes like melted american cheese, some broccoli bits, and Spam, a leap year past its expiration date… Well the calzones I got were delicious. They came out of the oven looking better than they do on the box, which was a shock, and when I cut it in half, a nice blend of gooey, stretchy mozzarella & three other cheeses, & a tangy marinara sauce, made a puddle on my plate. After eating only one I went back to the Grocery Outlet and bought ten more, in fear of them selling out. Yeah, they are that good… You just throw one in the oven and 35 minutes later you have a delicious meal that you would expect to pay at least six or seven bucks for if you were out in the real world. Well, make that at least ten bucks if you are somewhere that contains a roller coaster to go along with the ten dollar, twelve ounce, flat, warm, Budweiser you just got scammed out of. Look for them at yer local Grocery outlet. They are worth every one of the one-hundred and seventy-nine pennies I payed for them… I only ate one and my hunger was satisfied for hours. They are perfect for all you football fans that gaze here at Trendy Ink… Zonker has a list of Ales that he recommends, one of which I’m sure would go perfectly with this halftime snack.Look for them here in the ‘Drink‘ section…



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  1. girliefivethousand October 8th, 2009 9:37 am

    Great now iam hungry

  2. Plastic Holder : October 31st, 2010 2:44 pm

    there are lots of cheap foods on the market that taste like crap but there are good quality ones too .

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