Yahoo! Ruins It’s Own Image Search In Favor Of ‘Profits’…

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Yahoo vs GoogleWhen Yahoo! decided to buy Flickr and then merge it’s own photo sharing site Yahoo Photos, it was a hassle for us Yahoo Photo users, but I didn’t mind too much. They offered a free Pro Flickr account, which promised us the same (free) functionality that we had always enjoyed with Yahoo Photo. Then Yahoo decided that its’ users have had enough ‘free’ time with the Flickr Pro accounts and that in order to keep them, they’d have to pay like everyone else. Obviously, this is just plain wack…especially since the original Yahoo! Photos was cooler than Flickr is anyway. Weak. So? As a result of Yahoo! acquiring and pushing Flickr, it also decided to trash its’ image search functionality. Yahoo’s image search function has been rendered mostly useless, unless you are looking for images that are on Flickr. So basically, they’ve decided that, a web giant like Yahoo that became popular because of its’ search functionality, should no longer search the web for images, but instead focus on searching Flickr. Yep, more traffic to its’ own site means more money for ad revenue (good for them = bad for users). For someone like me, that was used to using Yahoo! to search for images, this was not good news. Back in the day, Yahoo! was way more accurate when it came to searching for images. I never used to use Google for images searches because the results were always way off base and it always seemed to ‘misunderstand’ search terms. Well, for months and months now I’ve been using Google’s image search as it is far superior to Yahoo’s.
Question for Yahoo: Why have an image search that ‘mostly’ returns results from your affiliate site when your affiliate site has its’ own search function?

So, for those of you that need a place to host your photos for free, here are some options:

KODAK Gallery This place is free and unlimited storage. The one catch is that you buy something once a year. Other than that, you get unlimited storage, no picture upload quantity limits, and prints are cheap as f@#k.

Photoworks: Basically, same deal as at Kodak. Everything is free, but you gotta order something once a year.

Google’s Picasa: Free storage of up to 250 albums and 500 images per album. That’s 125,000 images…

WinkFlash: Free unlimited storage.

…and of course Flickr: 2 videos and 100MB of photos/month *It’s actually a good service, I’m just unhappy about how things went down.

**Be sure to read the ‘fine print’ on all these services. Some don’t allow full high-resolution downloads of what you uploaded, hotlinking, etc. As usual, do your research.

Word…had to get it off my chest. This post has been in the ‘drafts’ section waiting to be posted for a few months now.

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