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Estrella Damm - Inedit - 2010
The bottle presentation of this one is pretty nice. It’s super simple, but that gives it a kinda ‘classy’ look. It pours very clear…if I didn’t pour it myself, I’d probably assume it was a domestic megabrew variety. My first impression is that it’s not in the realm of beer flavors that I’m fond of. It’s got a peculiar funk to it and, as the label states, is spiced. I’m usually not too big on spiced beers. Specifically, the label says “malt beverage with spices”.
This is very light and has a distinctly earthy aroma to it. I’d say that if you enjoy lighter brews and are a fan of spiced beverages, this one would be right up your alley. One thing I’ve noticed while sipping on it, is how quickly the carbonation has left the glass. It gets flatter with every lift to the mouth.
This one is a product of Spain and is a creation by by Damm brewmasters, Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and El Bulli’s sommeliers’ team.
From their website:
Inedit is the first beer specifically created to accompany food. It is born from the conviction that a beer that could be paired with the utmost respect to the best cuisine was necessary. That is its aim and its virtue, and that is what makes Inedit different, special and unique.
Basically, it’s a beer for wine drinkers. After checking out their site, I’m even more turned off by this brew. At one point one of the dudes says, ‘a product that I would call, the future’. I sure hope not…for my sake…hehehe. I’m sure there’s a following for it, but I’m content not being part of it. Definitely first and last time consuming this one. (unless it’s a gift, of course)
Check out this vid to get an idea of what I mean:


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  1. guillem April 13th, 2010 12:36 am

    just for your info: this “dude” as you say is the best chef in the world and in history. Guess you knew, as you write about flavours, but just wanted to make sure

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