Dude, Hehehe…My Sandals Seem So Far Away…

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Check out homie at this music festival who has obviously gone past triple-irie:

As we all know, Summer is rapidly approaching, so all the cool festivals will be upon us shortly. This video, although funny, isn’t any kind of new sight for any seasoned vet of the regular reggae fest lineups. To be honest I had to look a little closer at the dude in it to make sure it wasn’t my boy Big Philly Style who is definitely known to get *triple irie when listening to *Medicine Drum..heheh. *inside jokes
When you’re out there this Summer, be sure to keep that camera handy just in case you see any crazy shit, like: Dudes putting vodka-filled watermelons on their heads while swimming around on mushrooms, or seeing a dude wake up from a mushroom induced ‘nap’ and grabbing a broom to wildly brush dirt around camp declaring, “I just gotta clean this place up, man!”
You know, crazy reggae festival shit.


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  1. Samambo May 6th, 2010 7:43 am

    Wow….that is awesome. I haven’t laughed that hard for a while. Thanks dude who ever you are for that. :)

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