Fast Food Advertising Vs Reality…

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You know how it do; sitting on the couch and a commercial comes on to advertise one of the billion fast food options and images of badass looking burritos or perfect burgers take over the screen. Even though you’ve seen those food options in real life, the commercials and print ads create imagery of the food that is ‘perfect’. Here’s some fast food fails…the advertised version versus the real deal. Check it:
McDonalds Angus Deluxe Food Fail...
McDonalds Angus Deluxe Third Pounder – I’ve never seen one in real life, nor thought to order one, but this image should constitute false advertisement, right?
Jack In the Box Taco Fail - fast food reality
Jack In The Box Taco – Rumored to be ‘totally vegetarian’ this taco looks pretty sad. By the way, they are not veggie.
Burger King Whopper fail - Fast Food reality...
Burger King Whopper – When these used to be $.99 my friends and I took care of quite a few of these. If they looked like this ad version, we’d have been a lot fuller.
Taco Bell Crunchy Taco fail - Fas Food reality...
Taco Bell Crunchy Taco – C’mon Taco Bell. You can do better than that…
McDonalds Big Mac fail - Fast Food Reality...
McDonalds Big Mac – Remember back in the day? Didn’t it seem like Big Macs really were big? It might just be that I was much smaller, but dang these things seem like they’ve changed.

This shit is amazing. It seems like somebody somewhere would have busted out with a lawsuit about this. I mean, if this isn’t false advertising, what is? Anyone ever seen a ‘real life’ version of any of these look like that? Me neither. Good thing I’ve replaced fast food with Trader Joe’s for the most part…hehehe.


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  1. coralis gonzalez January 24th, 2012 8:21 pm

    wow, increible, taco maker plaza las americas rules!

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