Giant Slingshot: Tough Enough To Cry…

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You know, this video reminds me of a great quote from a fabulous movie called “The Big Labowski”.
Jeffrey Labowski: Are you surprised at my tears, sir?
The Dude: [Smoking a joint] Dude, fuckin’ A!
Jeffrey Lebowski: Strong men also cry… strong men also cry.

Hahaha! It is so rad that dude cries and still feels tough enough to throw a darby at the camera. Homie breaks down in front of his lady (whose totally unshaken by the ride…and actually is bummed it didn’t do more), but tries to maintain his badassedness by throwing the “fuck yea, I’m badass” handsign. Awesome.

Darby: For those that don’t know; the term ‘darby’ was invented to describe the ‘devil horns’ hand sign that ‘metal-heads’ used with reckless abandon in the 80’s and early 90’s.


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