Screw You Teen Wolf, We Don’t Play B-Ball, We Kick It At The Mall…

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Back in the day, the 80’s to be exact, werewolf teenagers were just hairy, superstar basketball players that wanted to be cool. Today’s teen wolf looks more like this:

Awesome how all that isn’t like “those silly gangsters who tag on walls for attention”…hehehe. Nope, none of this is a desperate scream for attention.
It’s awesome how kids do this shit and then act surprised or offended when folks do a double-take on them when their in public. Sure, dressing up as ‘shocking’ as you can and calling yourself a werewolf shouldn’t provoke anybody to stare…hehehe. Good luck with that.

Grandmaster.Wolfpack.Leader.(troop#675): zOnk.oNe

*Thx: Tim B

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