What Mushrooms Did She Take?

Category: Funny/Etc.

The latest ‘viral’ sensation? This chick, chillin at the pool, on some serious drugs and not given a f*ck.

The craziest shit is at the very end how she rolls back up to her squad and sits down with, what looks to be like, her boyfriend, and friends, and none of them are alarmed at her performance. Imagine that you are homeboy and that is your girl. I guess his mushrooms had to been as strong as hers.
Hehehe…dude. It always amazes me that people can be in public and just totally not..give…a…fuck…at…all. I mean shit, there’s no fucking way that I could let myself freak out like that, no matter how insane the drugs are. Maybe this is some new shit and these types of videos will start popping up all over the place. :O Either drugs are a LOT stronger nowadays or kids are just weaker mentally.


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