Graffiti: TMD Crew – Youthline House…

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Here’s a little something that Askew and friends (TMD Crew) painted up. The Youthline House…which I think is in New Zeland(?). Peep the amount of colors used…hehehe:
Graffiti - TMD Crew - Askew, Berst, Ryze, Saves, Pest5, Deus, Mark, Kost - Youthline Builidng-2010
Here’s a note from Askew about this piece:
“All up I think it took 3.5 months, not full time but just plugging away over most weekends. It was (in order) Me, Berst, Ryze, Saves, Pest5, Deus, Mark and Kost. The photo maybe doesn’t do the size of it justice but none of our pieces could be done while standing direct on the ground. It was pretty much all done in can except some roller fill in the clouds. I hate to think how many cans we used but I’m pretty certain Berst and I alone used in excess of 120 cans each.”


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