Hip-Hop: Afu-Ra Ft. Cocoa Brovaz and Jahdan – D&D Soundclash…

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Afu-Ra feat Cocoa Brovaz and Jahdan - D&D Soundclash - 1999I posted up a track featuring Jahdan yesterday and it reminded me of this vinyl 12″ that I spun the shit out of back in the day. The thing was, I had no idea who exactly was on the vinyl because it was a white jacket and almost white label (meaning no information as far as artist, song title, record label, etc.). All it showed was a dude doing a flying kung fu kick…

Anyway, quite a while went by before I finally found out it was: “Afu-Ra Ft. Cocoa Brovaz and Jahdan – D&D Soundclash” (year: 1999). Jahdan was ‘the reggae dude’ that I had been trying to figure out. Anyway…dope track. Still holds up after all this time.


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