Hip-Hop (Classic): Goodie Mob – Soul Food…

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Here’s a classic hip-hop joint from the dirty South’s own Goodie Mob called Soul Food. Straight up dope from 1996. Remember this shiz?!

There’s been talk for at least a couple of years now about the reunion of the Goodie Mob, and although they have performed together in the past couple of years, there’s still no sign of a new album. My honest opinion though, is that folks shouldn’t expect a miracle album from this reunion. Although they’ve got the potential to produce timeless joints (proof above), I’d have to say that all the members have been releasing tracks that are steps down from the original ‘Soul Food’ album. That’s not to say that there haven’t been any bangers, but I’m not holding my breath that a new album will bring the ruckus like back in the day.


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