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Beneath Hill 60 - 2010 - Poster
From what I know, this movie wasn’t part of a huge advertising mega-campaign. I really didn’t hear anything about it, and when I asked my buddy at work, he said he had heard exactly ‘jack’ and ‘shit’ about it as well. So, I’m just writing to give folks a heads up on this movie that is definitely good enough to deserve the attention. Beneath Hill 60 takes place during World War I and focuses on a group of Australian miners that joined the war effort to dig tunnels beneath the battlefields of Europe. If you are claustrophobic, this movie will most likely have you gulping for air. The craziest thing about the movie? It’s based on true events.
As is the case with most, if not all war movies (besides maybe Stripes), the movie is definitely a tear-jerker. There’s plenty of emotion in the movie and the cast does an excellent job keeping the viewer in the moment. Overall, a very good war movie, while the subject matter gives it enough twist on the normal to make it stand out.
*My home theater got a massive workout with this movie. The movie’s soundtrack goes from periods of dead silence to massive explosions and back again. Very cool.


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