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I’m not sure how many folks have heard of this flick before. Mostly because I have no idea whether this thing was advertised for or not. I’m sure there was some advertising done, I just don’t know whether that included the usual tv spots, from which most people hear about a movie. Anyway, since this one seemed a little ‘under the radar’, I decided to point it out and bring it to your attention.
The movie is called Defendor and stars Woody Harrelson. If you’re like me, then when you see that Woody is in a movie, you’re expecting that it will be an entertaining flick. He usually doesn’t disappoint. This movie definitely wasn’t a let down. It is however, much different that what I expected when I started it. I was expecting more of a comedy than it turned out to be. Although there are some funny parts, this flick is definitely on the dark side of things and is kinda a ‘downer’. It deals with some serious topics and Woody does a great job playing the lead character; A ‘slow’ adult that dresses up as a super hero to rid the streets of criminals and baddies.
This movie is one of those that I enjoyed watching, but won’t be revisiting it any time soon. It’s all done well (directing, cinematography, etc.) and all the actors/actresses deliver on point, but the mostly somber tone and watching the characters decent is something I’m happy to avoid a second helping of. One cool thing, to me, was the inclusion of a graffiti ‘sub-plot’. It’s always cool to see some good old graffiti thrown into a movie. Especially when that graffiti is good. Check the screenshot of the ‘Defendor’ piece below.
So, good movie, a little depressing, but worth a watch.
And remember: It’s DefenDOR, not ‘der’….hehehe.

Defendor - Graffiti - Super Hero Movie - Woody Harrelson...

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  1. via Email April 19th, 2010 10:20 am

    “I really enjoyed this movie! I loved his innocence.”

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