Movie: Gunless (2010)

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Gunless - Paul Gross - Sienna Guillory - 2010

I checked out this movie called ‘Gunless’ the other night and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a Canadian movie about an American gunslinger that ends up in a small town in Canada…that is full of nice people. This isn’t one of those life-changer flicks, but it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s got some cool characters, the acting is well done, and the overall flow of the movie is just right for a relaxing evening on the couch. The main character is played by Paul Gross and the leading lady is Sienna Guillory. Both are convincing and believable. I guess the genre would be a comedy, drama, western.
Since I had never heard of it, it probably didn’t have a mega-million dollar advertising budget, so I’m helping spread the word. I’ll admit, I do dig the genre, so that probably added to my enjoyment of the movie.
Check it out for yourself.

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