You Hearda This Dude ‘Dub FX’?…

Category: Hip-Hop,Reggae

Check out this dude Dub FX do his thing live on the street in Amsterdam:

I gotta say that this is the type of music that I need to see being performed to get the most out of it. Had I just heard the CD without the visuals and seeing the whole track be built up and then executed, I don’t think I’d of dug it that much. That’s not a diss to Dub FX, just a little something I know about myself. Pretty dope idea though…beatbox, reggae, and hip-hop mashed-up and performed live. Fresh.

Thanks for the link @Naked Bob


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  1. xiaman February 3rd, 2010 6:51 am

    that was impressive.
    but i agree without seeing it i would not listern to it.
    nice find.

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