Tim Humphreys – POV (Filming Himself) Snowboarding In Mammoth…

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Dude. For real? Snowboarding is already insane enough without doing what this dude is doing. Check it:

I’m thinkin about how hard it is for myself to just maintain balance for a normal jump…none of this huge, spinning, flipping business. I honestly don’t see how dude can hold his arm out like that while doing these tricks.
Shit is insane. Props to Tim Humphreys for this.


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  1. xiaman June 15th, 2010 9:57 am

    that was way cool.
    almost like you got shrunk and put in a glass jar, and he took you for a ride.

    tomorrow heading off to SNWMF i’m bring a keg and giant Jinga. i’ll have an English flag up . if anyone wants a beer and a game stop by.


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