Golden Eagle: Holy Shit This Is Brutal II…

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Well…as of yesterday, you have probably seen how crazy the Golden Eagle is. Believe it or not, they are crazier than you thought. How crazy? Crazy enough to go one on one with a wolf…and win. Peep game:

This is one of those videos that is totally awesome and messed up at the same time. It’s so cool that these birds of prey are so damn badass, but a little tough to watch wolves get man-handled like that. It’s nuts that the eagle’s seem to have such an easy time taking the wolves out. Well, except for the one clip where homie calls for backup.
Them Mongols were hip to the power of these birds way back when. I never would have thought that anything the flies, post-jurassic period, could take out mammals of this size. I’m blown away by this…



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