Is Liberal Just The Political Name For Open-Minded?

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Closed Minded - See Things From Your Point of View...It seems like, if a person is conservative, they subscribe to the belief that ideals and laws from previous generations, remain to be true  and applicable today, and should not be changed. On the other hand, liberals are more open-minded to change. It’s crazy that being open-minded or that the term ‘liberal’ could become demonized, and yet here we are. It’s ridiculous to me to think that society can’t move together in a positive direction, while granting individuals the right to do as they please, as long as they don’t do harm to their fellow man. A lot of what’s been highlighted in recent political arguments ties in with religion. The problem with that is that everybody doesn’t share the same religious beliefs and others aren’t religious at all. It seems simple. We live in the information age, but many folks don’t realize that we don’t see things the same way, and that’s ok. We’ve got to govern in a way that is mindful of everyone.
People used to believe that the world was flat and had ideals and laws that applied to a flat world. Mankind also used to believe that some of the ‘different’ folks in their society were witches and burned them at the stake. How do those relate? I can’t help but think that many years from now mankind will look back and wonder what the heck ‘we’ were thinking.


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