Graffiti: Erotic City With The Ironlak Family…

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Augor, Enue, Ewok, Pose, Jaes of Ironlak Team USA and Askew, Phatone, Vans the Omega and Berst of the Ironlak Extended Family got together in the Erotic City for 2010’s Primary Flight jam (Miami). Special guests on the wall were: Vizie, Persue, Wane, Cope2, Ket, Sueme, Lango, Steel and Has.

Now that…is a crazy ass wall. You’ll need to take a while and stare at the image below to be able to have half a chance at absorbing what all is painted there.
Graffiti - Ironlak - Erotic City - Askew - Augor - Berst - Cope2 - Ewok...
*click on image to enlarge. Shit is HUGE.


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  1. 7hz February 6th, 2011 2:09 pm

    Dude this is so crazy…….AHHHHHHHH. The Zoom In is a must.

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