Hip-Hop: Denny Blaze – Average Homeboy…

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There are times when a human brings such amazing talent it changes the game for everyone. Denny Blazen is the antithesis to all that. Hip-Hop heads, meet Denny Blaze:

Fuck yes. That is some shit right there. I don’t think there’s much in this demo vid that isn’t awesome (in a ‘holy shit are you serious? Don’t you have any shame?’ kind of way). Denny Blaze is just an average homeboy that says, “Once you watch my demo video, you’ll just be BLAZED!”.
Yeah Denny, we’re all blazed. And you have some serious skills. Thanks for lacking any kind of self-respect or talent and for taking the time to put out this demo. Keep doin what you’re doin. Shit is righteous mang.

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