Mild Understatement: Fat Rapper

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Folks, meet Ceddybu Da Rap Sumo:

DUDE! That’s not cool, man. Jesus friggin Christ. Is it just us, or does Ceddybu seem way to comfortable around those giant tits of his? Does he know he’s out of control and should never go in public shirtless like that? Obviously not. It’s amazing how many folks are self-conscious because of 5 to 20 pounds of ‘overweightedness’ and yet this dude, whose so fat that even fat people say, “Holy shit!”, knows no such thing as being self-conscious. Then again, he doesn’t seem to know any such thing as self respect either, so there it is.

Ice! Baller! I’ve got a $10 swap-meet chain around my six chins/neck, which proves that I’m cold pimpin! I am, Ceddybu…Da Rap Sumo!

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