Street Fighter Heads Meet The Music World.

Category: Hip-Hop

So you were the king of the corner when Street Fighter was in your local 7/11? See if you can bring back those old school buttom mashing skills and make something worthwhile with this:

Pretty badass. Kids nowadays have no idea how lucky they are. With gadgets like this, you don’t need to spend craploads of money to buy ‘DJ’ or production equipment. One more cool item to add to the computer production arsenal.

Info: In this video Ean Golden takes 4 songs with 4 cue points each and re-arranges them. The top row is the bass line (Tribe called quest) and the 2nd line is a classic drum loop. The third row is the DWYK acapella and the bottom row is triggering a noise tone.

More info: CLICK

Vid: 7hz

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