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Are you one of those folks that loves eating psychedelics while watching movies that make sober people trip? Then this might just be the ultimate trip-fest for you. Directed by Gaspar Noe, this movie is definitely trippy, to say the least. If you can make it past the intro credits without fast-forwarding, you might just love the rest of this two and a half hour epic. I personally had to skip the credits since they were/are, by far, the worst, most annoying credit sequence I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure what the point was, besides possibly attempting to ensure any individuals susceptible to seizure realize that the movie is not for them. Speaking of flashing screens that induce seizure in some folks; there are several times throughout the movie that are potentially hazardous. To me, they were just annoying and had to be fast forwarded through. Ok, beyond the flashing screens and the need for a fast forward button, what about the rest of the movie? I’ll say this: it is unique. I’d say that the best thing this movie offers is a very cool visual experience, mostly in the first 20 minutes. Some of the visual candy that is shown is so radical, that I wish I had a HD clip of just those visuals to keep.
The movie is about drugs…so there’s plenty of drug talk (E, DMT, Acid, etc.) and it’s got that “you are on drugs” but you’re not look and feel to it. Possibly so much so, that I’d never recommend anything strong while watching it. I think it’d give any sane person a bad trip…or possibly make them jump out of a window. Besides the drugs there are plenty of extended, unnecessary violent/gory scenes, and a massive helping of disturbingly awkward sex scenes that pull no punches and leave you feeling asexual. Sounds dope, right?
The movie has good reviews and has a high IMDB rating (7.3), but I can’t say I understand why. It’s my guess that the good reviews and high ratings are from folks that are super into the drug culture, love strange shit, are generally weird, or are art house nerds. I know, brutal stereotyping there, but if you decide to ‘take the trip’ you’ll understand why I’m saying it. This is one of those flicks that gains notoriety through word of mouth due to the ‘extremeness’ of it. Kind of like Gummo, Spanking The Monkey, or Requiem For A Dream. None of which were good movies, in my opinion, but it seemed all of them recieved a lot of ‘you gotta see it, dude’ reviews.

My advice: If you’re compelled to watch this, watch the first half hour…then turn it off. It only goes downhill from there.

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