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With over 5 million views on YouTube, I doubt you haven’t seen this, but if not, peep this crazy footage of the Toowoomba Flood:

There’s a comment on YouTube where the dude says he’s surprised that nobody from that building ran out and moved their car before the river decided to gobble them up. I was thinking the same thing. Even though the folks whose cars those are might not be sitting next to a window with a view of their car, it seems like you’d hear about by the time shit hit the fan. Anyway, here’s some more info from the video’s owner:
Amazing footage of East Creek near Chalk Drive / Chalk Lane rising and washing away lots of cars during Flash Flood in Toowoomba on Monday 10 January 2011. This is some of the best footage I have seen of the Flood and was taken from the second floor of our office which backs onto Chalk Lane.

It shows just how fast the creek turned into a torrent and quickly flooded Chalk Drive and Chalk Lane.

I also got some video of where the creek crosses Neil Street and some video of the aftermath and the huge amount of cars damaged and piled on top of one another in the Chalk Drive car park.

With the incredible exposure that my video is receiving all over the internet and media worldwide I would like to encourage you to donate to the relief appeals.

You can donate to the Queensland Government Appeal at: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

Or the Churches of Christ Care Queensland Flood Appeal here: PDF

Vid: 7hz

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