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Anthony B is back with an album called “Rasta Love”. And, as what seems par for the course for him for quite a while now, the album is both hit and miss. The album leans towards a lovers theme and has plenty to offer a listener lookin for that kind of message. A couple of the stand outs in that feel are “My Yes And My No” and “I’m Sorry (Breaking Your Heart)”, which, ironically are on opposite sides of that lovin feelin.
The biggest thing on this album is track one called “Coming In Hot” which features the Steppin’ Razor “Peter Tosh”. This track is some good old fashioned Anthony B feel that brought those memorable vibes ah la the 1990’s. First listen and it hit me; this is a heavy track and a great refix of Peter Tosh’s original.
The other stand out track has got to be “Crazy Life (Broken Dreams)” with its laid back beat and pleading call lyrical delivery. It’s a little weird to hear Anthony B with autotune applied to his vocals. Luckily it’s pretty mild, but I think the track coulda been stronger without it. Still, it’s a nice track.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of stinkers on here to though. I’ll try to make it quick: Track 6 “Never Wanna Lose You featuring Gyptian” is heavy on the whining (Gyptian) and the beat isn’t doin much for me. Mr. B’s delivery in double time isn’t bad at all, but between Gyptian’s unpleasantly autotuned whining and the synth-heavy souless beat backdrop, this ain’t gettin played in my rotation. “Ganja Blaze” comes in heavy with that ‘dunt dunt dunt’ style and is too jerky to be pleasant. “Time to Have Fun” …Um, holy shit this is wack. Anthony B on some cheeseball Tijuana house inspired beat. No thanks. Track 9 called “Mount Zion” which features Kymani Marley is no bueno. The combo of those two vocalists could have been pure heat. Instead it falls flat with a beat that is too hyper and vocals that aren’t much to talk about. Truthfully I’m not feelin anything about that track.

The rest of the album is listenable tracks that will either grow on me or quite possible offend me at a later listen. If you’ve got the time, take a listen and at least grab that Peter Tosh refix mentioned earlier. I was really stoked to hear Anthony B on such a perfect beat and the added bonus of the Tosh appearance is just icing.

“It doesn’t cost you a dime, just to be kind,
stop and check your mind, we’re living inna serious time” -Anthony B

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