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Buju Banton is locked up for facilitating a cocaine deal. Perfect Giddimani comes forward with a track that’s saying, “Hold On Buju”. Check it:

The whole case seemed super shady, and many believe that Buju is innocent. Buju had just released one his most Rasta-centric/conscious albums to date, while allegedly being involved with a large cocaine deal. Which, unknown to Buju, was being hosted by undercover DEA agents. Seems unlikely that Buju would be involved with any of it, but he was found guilty and made an example out of, with a 10 year sentence. About a month after Buju’s sentencing, I read a story about a mother who drowned her baby in a toilet and received 5 years. Whether or not Buju is truely guilty, this is another example of how ridiculous the drug war is and how jacked up our priorities are. 10 years for introducing a drug buyer to a drug seller versus 5 years for drowning your own child in a toilet. WTF?

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  1. xiaman November 4th, 2011 7:06 am

    Ridiculous drug war. this country spends about 100 billion on it a year.
    I would say it was ok , if i gave you $100 told you to get some weed for me , and a week later you came back and said nothing yet but in 3 days i can get something.
    But realistically i can can give you $50 tell you to get some meth , you not knowing what meth is, can still get it in half hour and give me change.
    WTF does any one see a problem with the war on drugs or is it just me.

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