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Sizzla - Welcome To The Good Life - 2011
Fizzla is back with more ‘fizzle’ than I can handle. Holy shit this album is a straight up stinker. Sizzla has become synonymous with releasing weak tracks and unthoughtful albums put out with alarming speed. Usually within each of these just-add-water albums there is at least one track worth its weight, but this latest effort, titled “Welcome To The Good Life” provides nothing worthwhile.
I guess it’s kinda surprising that after all these years, after getting my first Sizzla album called “Good Ways”, that I still keep my fingers crossed that he’s gonna bring the ruckus once again. Each album he puts out, I take the time to give it a listen, knowing that it’s most likely another let down, but keeping hopes high that it’ll be his ‘come back’ album. When I say ‘come back’, I mean coming back to his senses and finally giving up on the school-girl, high-pitched vibrato that he’s become synonymous with. Coming back to his modern roots vibe with a strictly conscious message. Back to putting out albums that were well thought out, took time to prepare, and displayed what he’s capable of.
Anyway, just a little warning. This album has got to be one of his weakest…and that’s really saying something.

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