The Cardapult: Have Your Business Card Fire Back.

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What is it that you are missing? Christmas just past, and you’re almost satisfied, but there’s still that little black hole that needs to be filled with something that only material goods can fill. We may have what you’ve been lookin for: The Cardapult…

Mini weapons are always gonna be cool. That’s a fact of life. Enter the Cardapult. A business card sized weapon to discreetly smuggle into your workplace to lob tick-tacs or jelly beans at co-workers. Be creative though. Jelly beans are for your ‘nice’ days. Feel free to fling rabbit turds or spit-dunked used gum wads to liven up the action. Get two of these in the same office, and let the battle begin.

*Pretty dope idea. It’s crazy that folks smoke enough weed to get motivated to create stuff like this. For real, the design of this is pretty badass. Not something that will change the world, but dude gets props from us on ingenuity, fo sho.

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